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Housing Policy Reform

Hong Kong’s housing problem has deteriorated into the realm of a humanitarian crisis, disrupting the wellbeing of the community as a whole. In recent years, numerous policies have been implemented in the name of encouraging home ownership. hese policies promote the idea of home ownership as the superior option, artificially defining residential needs to the benefit of the real estate market, which in turn limits choices and increases living costs for vulnerable communities such as public housing residents, rental tenants and young people. As we witness the process of housing financialization, independent research is needed to facilitate discussion about the paradoxical “Starter Homes” pilot scheme, to reveal methods of tax avoidance, and to advocate the provision of social housing as well as reforms of housing taxation policies.

We value variety and diversity in housing policies. Regarding issues such as vacant properties, loopholes in the housing taxation code, Home Ownership Scheme pricing, public housing utilities, gentrification of public housing redevelopment projects, and standards of living space, we have made fact-based suggestions and raised public awareness. We shall continue to monitor the latest developments on housing policies.

In the face of this humanitarian crisis caused by property speculation, we hope to kickstart more independent research on housing issues in the future, revealing blind spots in current housing policies, investigating and exposing the private interests  of operators of sub-divided flats, analysing the process of housing financialization, and exploring possibilities for policy reforms.

Exposed speculators who avoid taxes by means of “equity transfer” amounting to to nearly $10 billion, rendering the government’s measures useless

Performed studies on the issue of vacant properties, conducting statistical research on the Urban Renewal Authority’s project on12 Soy Street and on aging buildings in Whampoa Street, Hung Hom

Gathered 100 documents on alternative housing project proposals, which are possible development models for Hong Kong in the future

Past Research Output

“No Place for Home: New Perspectives For The Long Term Housing Strategy in Hong Kong”

February 2015
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“Tracking the tax dodgers:  a study on avoidance of residential property tax by share transfer in Hong Kong”

July 2018
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Future Research Goals

Examine the efficiency and potential problems of the “Starter Home” pilot scheme, and to study the policy framework of the “Starter Home First” doctrine

Investigate overcrowding in private properties, and to discuss the feasibility of implementing a minimum-living-space-per-person standard

Investigate the historical development of alternative housing project proposals, exploring future possibilities for subsidized housing

Investigate the geographical distribution of sub-divided flats and to investigate the private interests behind this industry

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