Research Highlights 2019

  1. Actively advocating the use of “Land Resumption Ordinance” to cope with brownfields and private developers’ farmland reserves for public housing. This advocacy has become part of the official housing and land policies already.
  2. Calling for improvement of the accessibility and transparency of the land tenure system, leading to a series of systemic reforms and the opening of land information for public access.
  3. Scrutinizing Small House policies and reporting its abuse and violation of regulations, thereby stopping the growing illegal interest of village thugs and rural landlords.
  4. Unmasking plans for a High Speed Rail branch connecting to the East Lantau Metropolis shown in a Shenzhen planning blueprint. This exposes that the artificial island is merely part a hidden strategic plan for the Greater Bay Area – then unknown to Hong Kong people, though it snatches half of our financial reserves.
  5. Unveiling plans for the site formation for the gigantic “New Xinjiang” police anti-terrorist facility in Kong Nga Po, forewarning of a plan to turn Hong Kong into a new Xinjiang.
  6. Providing timely, key information in land development for the public by presenting a holistic comparison between the cost of brownfield development and that of Lantau Tomorrow Vision.
  7. Fuelling the anti-extradition movement in its early phases by outlining the past and present of the bill with declassified government records; and continue revealing the government’s and police’s information blackholes throughout the movement.
  8. Analysing trends of Chinese capital property speculation in Hong Kong in recent years, widening the scope of housing and land issues in Hong Kong.
  9. Fighting for citizens’ deserved right to know by lodging appeals for the declassification of records in the National Archives in the UK, and by making active use of the Hong Kong Public Records Building, leading to its extension of working hours to weekends.
  10. Submitting about 250 questions to the Financial Committee through LegCo members to solicit information about issues ranging from land, urban planning, housing, social welfare, to Hong Kong-China relation, archival law, freedom of information law etc.


Myth and Reality: Land Problem in Hong Kong”


Smashed the myth of “land shortage”

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“Tyranny of the land leasing: Case Study on the Short-Term Lease Arrangement in Mashipo, Hong Kong”


Land Lease Standard

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“No Place for Home: New Perspectives For The Long Term Housing Strategy in Hong Kong”


Housing Strategy Reform

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“Hydroponics in Focus: A Study on Hong Kong’s Emerging Hydroponics Industry”


Analyze Agricultural Policies

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Executive Summary (English


“Brownfield Sites in Hong Kong 2015: tracing causes, distributions and possible policy framework”


Search for New Territories Brownfields

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Executive Summary (English)


“History of Hong Kong: Archival Research”


Decoding Hong Kong History

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Leasing for the Few: Exploring Short Term Tenancy Sites by Tycoons in Hong Kong


Governmental Land for Tycoons

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“Research report on abuse of small house policy by selling Ding Rights”


Abuse of Small House Policy

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Executive Summary (English)


“A Study on the Development Potential of Brownfield in the New Territories”


Strategies on Brownfield Development

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Executive Summary (English)


“Your Real Choice: Honest Consultation on Land Supply”


Fight Against the Land Consultation

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“Tracking the tax dodgers:  a study on avoidance of residential property tax by share transfer in Hong Kong”


Housing Tax Loophole

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Executive Summary (English)


“Missing Option: Research on Temporary Use and Vacant Government Land in Hong Kong”


Open Government Land Resources

Full Report + Executive Summary (Chinese + English)


“Study on the Ownership of Fish Ponds in North West New Territories”


Exposed the threats of wetlands

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Brownfields in Time: Tracing the course of Brownfields expansion in the New Territories


Traced the past & present brownfields

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