[Liber] Hong Kong Spatial Database (beta)

Our free public database integrates spatial data from our key research findings over the years.

In addition to our key research findings, the database facilitates public access to geographic information related to different policy categories on the same platform, allowing researchers to repurpose it for other research purposes. To make research data more readable, accessible and reusable, our database integrates spatial information from our research outputs with government data. (Source: Common Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal, HKSAR Government. We have included their data in our database in accordance with Clause 3 of its “Terms and Conditions of Use”. Data as of April 2023 are marked with an asterisk [*] in our database).

For context and research background on each dataset, users are welcome to access our research archives or “Research Data Related to the Dataset” below.


Overlaying datasets


Land & Housing: Small houses

Land & Housing: Brownfields

Land & Housing: Housing

Land & Housing: Redevelopment

Land & Housing: Data outside of Hong Kong

Land & Housing: Others

Conservation: Wetland Conservation

Conservation: Environmental Protection

Conservation: Heritage Conservation

Planning data from HK Government*

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Note: The public is welcome to download and repurpose the spatial datasets by quoting the data source (Liber Research Community). Although listed on the download page, some datasets originate from the Government of Hong Kong (which are marked by * above), and they are the intellectual property of the Government of Hong Kong and the CSDI Portal. Please click here to check the terms and conditions of the use of those datasets.

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