In Hong Kong, Non-profit Organizations, in particular social service organizations, can sustain on funding from various charity funds and foundations. However these funding sources are less inclined to to sponsor independent research and policy advocacy. While social services form a safety net for those people affected by social woes, robust policy research by independent policy think-tanks is indispensable for addressing social problems at their roots.

Meanwhile, in recent years there has been a proliferation of policy think-tanks which claim to be independent and impartial. In contrast to Liber Research Community, these think-tanks are heavily funded by vested interests or pro-establishment political parties. Their research are allegedly biased since they are more likely to be influenced by funders’ stance on respective policy issues. That is why we need a truly independent think-tank to combat these influential but impartial discourse.

Our firm position is that we do not receive donation from political parties and business sectors. We maintain our research autonomy by receiving public donations through crowdfunding. To sustain ourselves and walk further afield, we need your support to support our independent research, as a key weapon against collusion between the state and businesses.

With only 500 people, $100 each per month
You can support Liber Research Community’s five research avenues, daily operations, network security, research report publication and policy advocacy.
With only 100 people, $300 each per month
You can support two more resarchers in independent research.
With only 50 people, $500 each per month
You can help us upgrade our research technology and toolings extensively.
With only 10 people, $1,000 each per month
You can help us open up more new research areas and investigate more social or local issues.

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