Liber Research Community was founded in 2010
and registered as a non-profit organisation
(Liber Research Community (HK) Company Limited) in 2014.
We are one of the few remaining independent policy think tanks in Hong Kong,
and are committed to the following work:

Building Research Capacity

Enhance the public’s research capability on various social issues of public interest, enabling members of the public to discover, reveal and respond to social problems on a rational basis.

Solid Research

Through various research methods that are conducted with participation from the general public, Liber publishes research reports, books and articles to debunk myths and establish a solid factual basis for rational discussion of social issues. Grounded in research findings supported by evidence, we produce informative programmes on self media and social media, as well as accepting interviews of local and international media, with a view to opening up rational discussion with more critical and progressive perspectives.

Grounded in Local Knowledge and Community

Through production of local knowledge, we respond to concerns about current social issues of the community, and our operation is also sustained by subscribers from the community. 

Collaborative participation

We value participation by the public in the research process. Through volunteer recruitment and training and knowledge exchange, the public/volunteers could participate collaboratively from research planning, data collection and analysis, publication and subsequent discussions. 

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Get involved!

We regularly organise research activities, conferences and field-trips that are open to all. All of these activities aim at exploring in depth important social issues of public interest, with a view to forming views on these issues from the civil society’s perspective.

Please keep a close eye on our social media channels (facebook, instagram and Telegram Channel, all in Chinese; and Twitter, in English), where the announcement of events would be made. Some activities accord priority to subscribers joining our monthly/annual subscription plans.

Starting from 2022, we regularly organise incubation programmes for aspiring researchers (Link in Chinese), where our researchers would provide systematic training and exposure.

Separately, we also welcome volunteers from different background such as graphic designs, video production, digital marketing, etc., to provide professional advice and expertise.

For enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email, or message us via facebook or instagram.

We do not receive government funding in order to ensure our research independence. Our sustained operation relies on the support from the public via our subscription plans.

Apart from receiving regular newsletters, and given priority access to our wide range of research activities, subscribers will also receive souvenirs as well as our research publications.

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