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Environmental Study

Urban development has become the biggest threat to the environment and quality of life in Hong Kong. In recent years, various groups representing vested interests have sought to attack our green areas, agricultural lands, waters, wetlands and country parks in different ways and with different pretexts, challenging existing environmental values by creating a false dichotomy between environmental protection and urban development. During the development process, environmental considerations, systematic remedies, priorities of land development and progress of conservation methods are all topics that require in-depth independent research.

In the previous land and housing research projects we conducted, environmental impact has been a top priority. These projects fostered discussion and raised informed policy suggestions in various fields, such as land development, environmental damage, loopholes in planning, so-called green-washing and conservation models, to name a few. Particular areas of focus were monitoring the situation regarding the development of country parks, Nam Sang Wai and wetlands.

As we face the immediate threat of full-scale urban development, we hope to conduct prolonged  independent research projects that focus on environmental issues, monitor development, develop an enhanced public discourse on conservation and debunk spin tactics employed by the authorities.

Advocated that the government resume land and employ conservation methods at Nam Sang Wai
Analyzed loopholes in planning and the impact on agricultural land brought about by industry
Monitored acts of so-called green-washing done in the name of environmental protection

Past Research Output

“Study on the Ownership of Fish Ponds in North West New Territories”


December 2018
Full Report (Chinese Only)

Fundraising Targets

Fundraising Goals: $170,000

Past Funds Spent: $167,000
Search of Land Records: $80,000
Archival excavation and organization: $5,000
Design and Promotion: $7,000
Publication: $70,000
Field Research and Photography: $5,000

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Future Goals

To expose and debunk the network of vested interests which causes damage to environmental resources
To keep monitoring Nam Sang Wai, wetlands and country parks to prevent them from being destroyed by land development
To advocate more progressive models of natural conservation
To study various types of environmental damages caused by land development
To construct a land policy framework for sustainable development

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