Hello! Thank you for supporting Liber Research Community via bank deposit monthly donation.

Please download the forms of your preferred bank for setting up standard instruction. You will be required to hand in the standard instruction form  to your bank. You may also set up standard instruction via online banking.

HSBC: http://bit.ly/2A1EKSt

Hang Seng Bank: http://bit.ly/2RUs9rI

Standard Chartered: http://bit.ly/2Kcsun4

Citibank: http://bit.ly/2zeEoZj

Bank of China (Hong Kong): http://bit.ly/2qQ241g

The Bank of East Asia: http://bit.ly/2OKfYM9

Account Details:

Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)

Bank Code: 004

Account number: 640-198305-001

Account type: Current Account

Account Name: Liber Research Community (HK) Company Limited (Please use “L R C (HK) Co. Ltd.” for online application or if there is a word number restriction)

Please mark your name in the “Reference / Messages” column for accounting purposes.

(Please note that most banks would charge a small administration fee ($70 – $100) for setting up standard instructions at bank branches, but they may waive the charges for online banking instructions. Please also ensure there is enough balance  in your account to avoid bank surcharges.)

Please inform us the date of payment via email (info@liber-research.com) after setting up the instruction. Thank you!

If you’d like to use credit cards (PayPal), Please click here.

We’ve also sent the above information to your email. Thank you again for supporting Liber Research Community!