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Wetlands in threats

“Study on the Ownership of Fish Ponds in North West New Territories” revealed the environmental threats in North West New Territories through strategic research on the land hound by private developers. The fish ponds may be developed through “land sharing” scheme by the Government. 

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Brownfield in the NT

“Brownfields in Time: Tracing the course of Brownfields expansion in the New Territories” tracked the proliferation of brownfields
between 1993 and 2017, and through case studies discuss the causes of their significant spread, with a view to lay the foundation for public discussion on a brownfield policy.

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Missing Options

In the “Missing Option: Research on Temporary Use and Vacant Government Land in Hong Kong”,  we discovered 532 pieces of vacant government land with a total area of 301 hectares. The land parcels, being left vacant or “under-utilised” by the Government, can be found in all 18 districts in Hong Kong.

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“Honest Consultation” on Land Supply

“Your Real Choices: Honest consultation on land supply” was written by Liber Research Community and the Citizens Task Force on Land Resources to provide counter-arguments on the official “big land debate” by the Task Force on Land Supply in 2018. We have printed 12,000 copies of the booklet for free distribution to the public.

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Latest Update


The map of “under-utilised” government land

Open Info-map of the “Neglected Land”
List of “Neglected Land” (Chinese Only)

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Registered as a non-profit organization in 2014, Liber Research Community consists of a group of people who undertake independent research with the development of Hong Kong in mind. Liber Research Community is a testing ground where people with different research interests can get together and improve the research capacity of society as a whole.

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