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Town Planning by the People:

A Study on the Planning Process and Decision

“There is a growing feeling that the decisions that shape our lives are no longer being taken with us but imposed on us, by people who do not know how we live and who care more about their own narrow interests than about the public interest.”

— John Ashton

Over the past decade, Hong Kong has seen numerous disputes regarding town planning, relating to issues such as large-scale infrastructure projects, public spaces, cityscape conservation, community sites and newly developed districts, to cross-border planning and the city’s long-term positioning. However, the public never catches up with the speed these problems emerge, and ambitious plans are always carried out without adequate scrutiny and discussion.

As we gathered a group of concerned citizens regarding town planning in Hong Kong, we came to notice that an increasing number of development plans affecting the public interest that neglect public opinion and planning autonomy, bringing huge impact to existing environmental and living standards. These plans are more inclined towards private interests rather than the public good, and are based on false needs rather than real ones. Many of these consultancy research reports provide estimates, concepts and solutions that cater towards vested interest groups and existing policies, rendering them unable to provide any realistic solutions to urban problems or feasible directions for reform.

We hope to carry out in-depth independent urban planning studies, where we discover solutions to problems by chronicling  the history of town planning. We also hope to identify the various issues currently affecting land usage, planning systems and development proposals, and to further develop an enhanced  public discourse on urban planning, so as to reform the current system.

Predicted problems brought to Hong Kong’s cityscape by cross-border planning

Exposed systematic loopholes in current infrastructural plans

Advocated for democratization of town planning and public engagement in the process

Past Research Output

“Kai Tak for the People”
A Citizen’s Alternative Plan 2.0

January 2013
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Fundraising Targets

Fundraising Goals: $60,000

Past Funds Spent: $61,000
Field Research: $800
Organizing Documents: $2,000
Purchasing Architectural Drawings: $3,500
Design and Printing: $22,000
Organizing Data: $33,000

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Future Goals

To monitor local and cross-border large-scale infrastructural and development plans

To advocate systematic reform of town planning

To review the present situation and various changes regarding the different planned uses of land

To chronicle the history of Hong Kong’s urban planning

To further develop an enhanced public discourse on town planning