Hong Kong-China Relation Research

“Restructuring Hong Kong-China relation;
Opening up imagination towards Hong Kong’s future”


Recent years have seen the government integrating into the Greater Bay Area planning in all aspects. Plans and projects have either been passively initiated like the extradition bill or simply been passively notified of their plans in the last moments. The Future of Hong Kong has always been on the underside in the narrative warfare of Hong Kong-China relation.

To prepare for what Tian Feilong, a pro-Beijing scholar, referred to as “the second half of One Country, Two Systems”, and to explore the role of Hong Kong in relation to China and the international community, more grounds for discussion have to be established. One has to grasp the dynamics of change and the historical intentions in the many social, economic, and political interactions with different countries that led up to the Hong Kong-China relation today. Finding a way out for an equal and just Hong Kong-China relation is a subject that must be addressed in this age. 

Research Highlights:

  • Research the ways in which Hong Kong has been passively planned — look into the details of the planning and construction works involved in the regional integration into China.
  • Map out the latest picture of Hong Kong-China relation — track down activities of Chinese capital in Hong Kong and the process of potential Xinjiang-ization in Hong Kong. 
  • Explore Hong Kong-China relation with an international perspective — studies the ways in which Hong Kong has been manipulated in China’s strategies in international relations; shed light upon narratives of Hong Kong-China relation on the basis of official declassified records.

Fundraising Targets